Emrah TOY

Tarih : 29-09-2014
Kategori : Yazılım



I always like angularjs’s approach by using directives and never able to find a direct way to implement for marionettejs. There was another backbone library which is pretty good. It is also supporting evaluation. To be honest i always hate evaluation.

A couple weeks ago i decided to read whole marionettejs documentation. There was ‘Marionette.Behavour‘ layer to make all the interaction with view basic and able to inheritable by the Marionette.View layer.

Marionette.Behavior is important because it is also supporting MarionetteJS’s garbage collector. You do not have to worry about memory usage.

I tried to implement angularjs’s directive approach by using Marionette.Behavior. Here is the gist page of it or you can clone directly.

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